24 hours Villennes-sur-Seine 2010 : Child of the Moon and the Sun !!! :-) The true story


For once I don’t think about my retirement from running, I share with you the story of my 24 Villennes Sur Seine have been my longest and beautiful exit long since I run. It was very relaxing!

Saturday, May 23, 2010

Okay, I admit that I still market a lot and I stayed too often to refuel. Well yes, well that should I rest and I eat because it's a very long 24 hours to turn in circles! For now, I can not run long without eating hearty dishes because I spend a lot of calories running. Ouch!

I liked the 24 Villennes Sur Seine for the professionalism and friendliness of the couple Jean Luc Garcia and Nadine Weiss.

Having slept 4 hours, I woke up at 6am to check my bag for 24 hours Villennes Sur Seine. For a simple race, it was like going out on a long trip by taking things that do not serve me anything. Is better to still be careful!

Around 8:30, I put my costume with my hat and I love my jacket! It reminds me of The MISS PARIS MARATHON road Moulin Rouge and also allows me to have always thought my favorite young designer. For sure I prefer the side that the action animation to run.

I checked on me if I had a photo of one that has managed to make me run for the races. But hey, it is demanding serious even if it does not kill me. At this time, I actually have even if it is for my own good as she puts it. Ouch!
No wonder that all of a sudden I try to have peace!

It is therefore very well 24h Villennes Sur Seine because the course was not flat, but hey everything is relative! That forced me to change the strategy to only run in the downhill and walk up the hill. Actually, I changed everything because the high heat bothered me. It was the excuse for running taking all my time to chat and stop to refuel! All the excuses are good for me even if it is not work anymore too. Ouch!

For 24 Villennes Sur Seine, I wanted to do this test to see where I was at the level of endurance and especially to see if I had less knees hurt when I ran long on the road.

There, I ran for fun run. I have not tried to know the mileage and my ranking in the race. I tried to run by being myself, avoiding not be too distracted by the atmosphere was brilliant!

These 24 Villennes Sur Seine are good! That's where I ran into feeling more comfortable as the drive by taking the time to discuss, albeit a bit abused!

Except during the races, I have no opportunity to run long and I can not see myself running alone in my corner during long trips. So, I'm going to train for the official races to improve. Without getting pressure, try to play the game I always learn things for later in correcting my mistakes!

24 Villennes Sur Seine 2010: Child of the Moon and the Sun!

There was a beautiful sunny and I had a smile in the morning as is often the case for training!

Arriving at the station Villennes Sur Seine to 10:20 am, a nice man waiting at the exit to take me to the place of departure of 24. In the car, I told him I was there to train. I did not intend to be regular, but I would not leave quickly. I played the game a bit

When I was on the location of the race, I acknowledged heads! I was pleased to find many people that I met in December 2009.
So, I ran like I was discussing with me!

When the 6 pm and 12 have ended, it made me a little sad because I used to hear them get through them.

Once all the contestants were presented by Jean Luc Garcia, the departure of these 24 Villennes Sur Seine could be given (11:30)

From the start to the third hour race

I started slowly as (7'30''to 1440 m) by taking the time to discuss and analyze the course.

It happened quietly and I was happy to be here! Nevertheless, I recognize that it was a serious mistake not to take the time to go fast and run with more power in the legs. As my body was not used, I could not afford to start 14 km / h at the risk of exploding. It is urgent that I spent a little speed work. For over a year since I said this, but I put this off until later because I link too much running. This leaves me no time to ask me.

From the 4th to the 6th hour race

Things were going well. Too bad it was too hot, especially after 15h. While I was running non-stop, I slowed considerably when I merely walk on the half-way to avoid not to get too tired. Anyway, I was there to train! My goal is to make the entire 24 hours without pain, I preferred to save me slowed.

Seeing as 6am had ended, it made me a little sad because I could talk with less people. It was already around 17:30.

From the 7th to the 12th hour of the race

I'm with 12. While continuing to walk on the first leg, I quickly ran the second half! Suddenly, I was still very fresh.

I began to drink Coke and sparkling water. Since I do not control the supply too I probably drank too much. For every 3 rounds, I took a drink.

To avoid not being hungry, I started eating ham sandwiches butter. This is not very nutritious, but it does not give me a stomach ache or nausea.

It took the 12 end their race. It was around 23:30 and I suddenly alone with 24 hours. Here, I was less motivated to run.

From the 13th to the 18th hour of the race

Now I had to run as a single large. It was night and I expected it forward. I wanted to see how I would react the night. I admit that it was the most relaxing of these 24. There were not many people and I felt in harmony with myself!

That was nice to play hide and seek with the moon that was moving over the hours! It was the first quarter. What about this beautiful dark sky with stars! ???

At one point, I think that more than half of the 24 competitors have gone to sleep. I was there to train, I had to rest for 24 hours awake. C '& silent curious to find myself facing the Moon while I was in bed in normal times. How strange lives!

To have a little human warmth, I stayed in to eat and drink supplies.
Too adorable volunteers!

As I was hungry, I ate between 0:30 ET 5:00 AM:
- 200 grams of dough with basil
- The soup that does not make me well
- 200 grams of noodles
- Rice with chicken
- Wheat

I drank lots of cola and soda water! It's crazy how much I consume in touch! He'll have to learn to drink less and eat before the month of August. There's work!

From the 19th to the 24th hour of the race

Around 5am, the sun rose. It was beautiful the sun! Birdsong amazed me as when I run the morning in the Bois de Vincennes. It was very relaxing for the mind.

Probably too much in my world, I thought I saw that there were only 3.30 hours race. I made a false joy, and it had demoralized. Unfortunately, it is useless to force when the heart is not there. For almost three hours until 11am, I walked to small step. Not because I was tired, but only because I did not want to run. All in the head!

Except when I really hurt and my health is in danger, I do not give up and go to the end of the race. As everything was fine physically, I had to get to the end of 24h Villennes Sur Seine.

As to my usual, it goes something fabulous soon as I know it will soon end. This remains a great mystery
The last time these 24 Villennes Sur Seine was the most beautiful, especially the last 30 minutes where I pétais fire as if nothing had happened. As I was dragging their feet to play the watch, "I went back to run and c'étaot left!

The volunteers, the public and comments from Jean Luc restored me like running. The smile was back and I have finished in a sprint.

Accompanied by two other competitors, we flew the last lap.

This concludes my training during the 24 Villennes Sur Seine.

Result race even if it is a detail:

Number of laps: 110
Number of km: 158.4
Overall Ranking: 6 th
Rating category (Senior Men): 1st

Not everything was perfect. I am the first to admit that it was a mistake on my part to have put aside the speed that made me very lacking. Everything is connected.

However, the contact of feet with the ground becomes very soft. Possible that my knees have become more resistant. In any case, it's great fun to run without pain. This is due to training.

After having some really good times during the 24h Villennes Sur Seine, things will start getting serious. Here, he will not be a drive and it will really be too slow to avoid the risk of paying very expensive with the barrier zones.

My real challenge is sporting Grand Raid des Pyrénées (27-28 and 29 August 2010): 160km with 10,000 m D +! My reunion with the mountain will leave many traces on the mental and physical. I'm already much less smiling, because I'm going to drool.

I do not particularly care have very good memories of my visits to the mountain and my last Ultra Trail (July 2009) even though at the time I went hands in pockets, thinking that there was nothing difficult. It was also necessary that I take the time to train and think back!

The 24 Villennes have been a great workout in a friendly atmosphere! That the positive progress! For sure I will return one day on 24 Villennes Sur Seine.

Thanks and congratulations:

So I thank Jean Luc Garcia and Nadine Weiss for allowing me to run / walk taking my time and peace of mind. These are two very lovely people!

Congratulations to the lovely volunteers who were there to give me to eat and drink! Your encouragement made me want to run the last 3 laps fast! I had to offer an explosive finish with the feeling of having done the job!

I also do not forget all competitors 6h, 12h and 24h with whom I shared a lot. It is nice to talk and it helps kill time! We encouraged each other! Well, excuse me for having trouble with my next ultra trail (The Great Raid Pyrenees)!
On the other hand, I was there to train in throwing me on the 24h Villennes Sur Seine and I just wanted to make the next ultra-distance trail.

Post race

As soon as I got home, I slept for hours. On Monday morning, I had already more than aches. Something to be happy because I could take the start of the first edition of 6H OF COSNE SUR LOIRE (58), Saturday, May 29, 2010!

Thus continues the adventures of Ronald Tintin or the one who is too ill to run, but try doing his best!

Although you and see you soon ;-)

Ronald Tintin